Digital platforms now offer more than just e-signatures

June 4, 2020

NARPM® Radio: Digital platforms now offer more than just e-signatures

Join NARPM for a conversation with Seth Kelly of BlueInk, an e-signature and digital document platform that's provided free at the base level for NARPM® members. Of the 1,400 members currently using the service, ACH update forms, tenant renewal letters, and management agreements are often used for easily transmitting documents securely and quickly between managers and tenants. But did you know that BlueInk also provides multilingual translation? Instead of a client just clicking through a document, you can have the audio narrative actually speak the terms of the agreement in any language desired so that they can have a true understanding and are more comfortable with their lease. Additional security improvements are also now available for your data protection, such as an SMS pin to verify signer identity, a selfie picture, and drivers’ license feature. Beyond the basic platform that’s available free, upgrades are available at a NARPM® discount to increase your e-document capacity. To learn more about the program or activate your free account, visit

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